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Sample Paper 1 (HL)

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Section A (Concepts and Skills) Section A (Concepts and Skills)
1.  De Moivre’s theorem, Argand diagram
Topics: Complex numbers
1. Equations of perpendicular bisectors of sides of a triangle, circumcentre of a triangle
Topics: Co-ordinate geometry
2. Constructing root 2, multiplying and dividing surds. log equation, quadratic inequality
Topics: Number, Algebraic
2. Intersecting circles
Topics: Co-ordinate geometry
3. Limits, proving the summing formula Sn by induction, recurring decimals
Topics: Sequences and Series, Proof by Induction
3. Trig equation, trig graph
Topics: Trigonometry
4. Solving cubic equations, rational inequality
Topics: Algebraic equations
4. Normal curve, empirical rule, quartiles
Topics: Statistics
5. Finding the maximum and minimum points and point of inflection of a function and the area under the curve
Topics: Differentiation, Integration
5. Range, median, mean
Topics: Statistics
6.  Integrating different functions
Topics: Integration
6. Parallelograms
Topics: Geometry
Section B (Contexts and Applications) Section B (Contexts and Applications)
7. Carbon Dating [50 marks]
Topics: Number, Algebra, Differentiation, Functions
7. Systolic and diastolic blood pressure [75 marks]
Topics: Probability

8. Marketing a new phone [50 marks]
Topics: Finance, Functions, Differentiation

8. Great Pyramid of Giza [75 marks]
Topics: Trigonometry
9. Rate of growth of a population [50 marks]
Topics: Differentiation, Functions, Integration, Trigonometry