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SEC 2014 (HL)

Paper 1 Paper 2
Section A (Concepts and Skills) Section A (Concepts and Skills)
1.  Intersecting functions
Topics: Functions
1. Solving triangles, 3-d trig
Topics: Trigonometry
2. Complex roots of a cubic equation
Topics: Complex numbers
2. Trig identity, sectors
Topics: Trigonometry
3. Proof by induction, series
Topics: Proof by induction, Sequences and Series
3. Probability with spinners
Topics: Probability
4. Differentiation from first principles, tangent to a curve
Topics: Differentiation
4. Alternating voltage (trig graph)
Topics: Trigonometry
5. Integrating functions, average value of a function
Topics: Integration
5. Equation of a line, area of a triangle
Topics: Coordinate geometry
6.  Arithmetic series
Topics: Sequences and Series
6. Proof of a theorem: Similar triangles
Construction: 60 degree angle
Cut of a theorem: Intersecting chords

Topics: Geometry
Section B (Contexts and Applications) Section B (Contexts and Applications)
7. Pythagorean triples [40 marks]
Topics: Algebra, Functions, Differentiation
7. Labour Force Data [45 marks]
Topics: Statistics
8. Mizen Head Footbridge [50 marks]
Topics: Algebra, Functions, Integration
8. Blood tests (Conditional probability) [45 marks]
Topics: Probability
9. Baby food preparation [60 marks]
Topics: Functions, Differentiation
9. Circular clock face [60 marks]
Topics: Coordinate geometry, Geometry