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SEC 2018 (HL)

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Section A (Concepts and Skills) Section A (Concepts and Skills)
1. Simultaneous equations and a rational inequality
Topics: Algebra
1. Expected value
Topics: Probability
2. Cubic Equations and a Geometric series
Topics: Algebraic equations, Sequences and Series
2. z scores
Topics: Probability
3. Differentiating and integrating a trigonometric function
Topics: Differentiation, Integration
3. Multiplication principle and factorials
Topics: Probability (Counting)
4. De Moivre's Theorem
Topics: Proof by Induction, Complex Numbers
4. Trigonometry equation and identity
Topics: Trigonometry
5. Arithmetic Sequences
Topics: Sequences and Series
5. Equation of a line and touching circles
Topics: Coordinate Geometry
6.  Finding the area between two curves
Topics: Functions, Integration
6. Ratio theorem + Geometry cut
Topics: Geometry
Section B (Contexts and Applications) Section B (Contexts and Applications)
7. Typing words per minute [55 marks]
Topics: Functions
7. Garden Railing [50 marks]
Topics: Measurement
8. Statistics graph function [40 marks]
Topics: Differentiation, Functions
8. Acme Confectionery [60 marks]
Topics: Statistics
9. Sierpinski Triangles [55 marks]
Topics: Sequences and Series
9. Crank-and-slider Mechanism [40 marks]
Topics: Trigonometry