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SEC 2018 (OL)

Paper 1 Paper 2
Section A (Concepts and Skills) Section A (Concepts and Skills)
1. Salary contracts
Topics: Finance
1. Throwing dice and car sales
Topics: Probability
2. Argand diagram, modulus, division
Topics: Complex Numbers
2. Triangle: slope, area, translation
Topics: Co-ordinate Geometry (Line)
3. Quadratic equation, simultaneous equations
Topics: Algebraic equations
3. Arrangements and expected value of a spinner
Topics: Probability
4. Tile patterns
Topics: Sequences and Series
4. Circle: Equation, tangent
Topics:Co-ordinate Geometry (Circle)
5. Quadratic Function
Topics: Functions, Differentiation
5. Squares and Circles
Topics: Measurement
6.  Solving quadratic equations
Topics:Algebraic equations
6.  Construction of a triangle, parallelogram cut
Topics: Geometry
Section B (Contexts and Applications) Section B (Contexts and Applications)
7. Seating in a theatre [55 marks]
Topics: Sequences and Series, Finance
7. Weather report in Valencia, Co. Kerry [60 marks]
Topics: Statistics
8. Drug in the bloodstream [65 marks]
Topics: Functions
8. Designing a garden [50 marks]
Topics: Trigonometry
9. Earthquakes and tsunamis [30 marks]
Topics: Algebra, Number
9. Golden sphere and popularity of a TV show [40 marks]
Topics: Measurement, Statistics