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SEC 2014 (OL)

Paper 1 Paper 2
Section A (Concepts and Skills) Section A (Concepts and Skills)
1.  Profit and loss, percentage profit
Topics: Finance
1. Picking cars in a garage
Topics: Probability
2. Adding and dividing complex numbers
Topics: Complex Numbers
2. Bernoulli trials
Topics: Probability
3. Linear equations, simultaneous equations
Topics: Algebra
3. Tangent to a circle
Topics: Co-ordinate geometry
4. Quadratic equation and graphs, transformations
Topics: Algebraic Equations, Functions
4. Area of a triangle
Topics: Co-ordinate geometry
5. Cubic functions, local max and min
Topics: Functions, Differentiation
5. Sector of a circle
Topics: Measurement, Trigonometry
6.  Arithmetic sequence, summing sequence
Topics: Sequences and Series
6. Constructing the incircle
Cut of a theorem: Right-angles triangle in a circle
Cut of a theorem: Intersecting circles
Topics: Geometry
Section B (Contexts and Applications) Section B (Contexts and Applications)
7.  Mary buys a car [35 marks]
Topics: Finance
7. Property tax [70 marks]
Topics: Statistics, Finance
8. Rectangular box [40 marks]
Topics: Algebra, Differentiation, Measurement
8. Wind turbines [50 marks]
Topics: Number, Trigonometry
9. Rocket launch [75 marks]
Topics: Functions, Differentiation, Co-ordinate Geometry
9. Activity centre zip-lines [30 marks]
Topics: Trigonometry