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The Career Guidance Supplement is written by Una Connaughton, an experienced Guidance Counsellor.

Important Dates

Sunday 15/10/2000: UCAS Closing date for applications to Oxford, Cambridge, Medicine, Vetinary and Dentistry courses.
Friday 15/12/2000: UCAS Closing date for applications
Saturday 24/3/2001: UCAS Closing date for Art and Design (Route B)
Thursday 1/2/2001: CAO Closing date for Standard and EU applications (5.15 pm)
Tuesday 1/5/2001: CAO Late applications close (5.15 pm)
Sunday 1/7/2001: CAO Change of Mind Closing (5.15 pm)

Important Dates for September/October
Important Dates for October/November


Few careers offer such diversity either in terms of work or work environments as engineering. A qualification in this area does more than prepare you for one career - it provides expertise that grants access to a wide range of jobs.
In Ireland Marketing as a career has only emerged in the past twenty- five years. During this period marketing courses have mushroomed in our third level colleges and now Irish companies are keenly aware that good marketing is crucial to their success.

Web Design
With the World Wide Web expanding daily across the globe, the demand for its primary element, the website, is increasing exponentially. Those who can successfully create and manage websites are, therefore, in an envious position.

There is an unprecedented demand for qualified accountants. If a young person has an interest in business and an aptitude for figures, accountancy is one of the more secure career choices available. Virtually every person needs an accountant at some stage.

Accounting Technician
If you would like to work in a business environment and feel comfortable working with figures, a career as an Accounting Technician is such an option.
An Accounting Technician qualification enables you to work in a wide variety of jobs such as Accounts Administration, Assistant Accountant,....


PLC Courses
The PLC area, now referred to as the Further Education Sector, offers 1,000 courses in more than 200 centres nation-wide, with 24,700 students taking part annually in these one and two year programmes. Over the twenty years since their introduction, the perception of PLC courses has changed greatly.
UCD Open Day
If you intend studying in a particular college it is essential that you visit its open day and gain as much information as you can from that visit. Some advance preparation can greatly assist you in getting the most out of your time in the college.

Exam Preparation

Post-Mock Strategies
When you have completed your mocks and reflected on your results, it is important that you use the remaining time as profitably as you can. This article lists 17 things to do after the mock and offers advice on how to take care of yourself.
Final Preparations
Making the best possible use of the remaining days before the start of the examinations is of crucial importance. If you are feeling stressed or anxious reassure yourself that you have covered a lot and that you still have valuable time left for last-minute revision which can make a great difference.

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